Stayne is a ruined world.

A few decades previously, it had been a place of science, arts, and culture. In the year of 187 K.R. (King’s Rule) massive earthquakes shook the entire world, cause mountains to flatten, plains to rise up, islands to disappear, and oceans to move. This left the face of the world unrecognizable to all who managed to live through this horrible event.

This cataclysm killed many, destroyed the great cities, and left what remained of the two discovered continents deserted wastelands. Spread out over the lands were left small oasis, and havens to those who could find them. Competition for these havens is fierce, and many people have died trying to gain access to them.

The Creatures that survived were the fiercest and most horrible of those that lived before. Due to the loss of hunters, their populations have boomed, leaving the wastelands more dangerous than ever before.