Airon Hienyrd

The first King of the Heirnyrd Dynasty. He was the first to controll the twin continents.


Tall, nearly 6 feet. Light brown hair, with light green eyes.

Looks like the ideal person to be a king. Very charismatic and out-going. Always eager to help out another person – that is, unless it can help him. He seems to been very charitable, but is always looking for ways to help himself out. He would be willing to do almost anything if it meant he could climb higher up the social ladder.

One thing he hates is Magic. He nearly out-laws it when he attains kingship, but a few of his more powerful advisers all managed to talk him out of it, and even then it was only by a close margin.


Born to a low noble in the year 33 B.K.R. (Before King’s Rein).

Airon Hienyrd

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